“you have five minutes to talk yourself out of a situation”

INT: DUSK, A BARN. Thirty-ish fluffy sheep, sluggish after a long day of sheeping, huddle together. VIRGIL, an officious if none too bright ram, breaks rank and waddles before the flock. VIRGIL Alright, rams and ewes. Farmer Jane’ll be in soon to say goodnight. Let’s make sure we’re all here. The flock, well-practiced at this … Continue reading “you have five minutes to talk yourself out of a situation”

“write something with all the emotion taken out”

A cramped working-class kitchen. Mary, 43, mother of the household, prepares breakfast at the hob; beans in a pan, bacon and sausages sizzling, eggs frying, bread toasting. Peter, 51, father of the household, sits at the kitchen table, but may as well not be for all the attention he’s giving the small telly on the side. We can hear the football commentary coming from it. Mary places some used utensils in the sink and fills it up with hot water and soap. Mary, back to the audience, gazes down into the sink while she waits for it to fill. Smoke rises from the toaster next to Peter. He glances at it.